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Aftermarket Truck Parts

From mud flap hangers and cargo control solutions to brake pads, electrical system components, and much more, Betts Truck Parts & Service is your #1 source for aftermarket truck parts and aftermarket trailer parts. If you need Class 8 aftermarket truck parts, you need Betts.

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The Biggest Inventory & The Best Prices

No matter what make or model you drive, Betts has the aftermarket truck parts, components, and accessories you need. We are distributor-dealers for the industry’s top manufacturers (see below) and offer aftermarket truck parts that meet or exceed OEM quality standards. From the front bumper to the taillights, we’ve got everything your truck and trailer need.

See individual product listings for more information and specifications.

  • Brake & Wheel: Our inventory of aftermarket brake parts and aftermarket wheel parts includes brake shoes and drums, air tanks, air hoses, wheel studs, nuts, and more.
  • Cargo Control: If you’re hauling bricks, fine China, or anything in between, you need to keep your cargo secure. To that end, Betts offers a range of aftermarket cargo control products.
  • Chemicals: We’ve got cleaners, lubricants, and all the other heavy duty chemicals you need to keep your truck running at its peak.
  • Drive Train: Your truck can’t drive without a healthy drive train. Betts offers aftermarket drive train parts for transmissions, clutches, differentials, and more.
  • Electrical: If your truck’s electrical system needs updates or upgrades, we have the aftermarket electrical components you need, from bulbs to batteries to alternators.
  • Exhaust: Mufflers, exhaust tubes and pipes, band clamps—Betts has all the aftermarket exhaust parts your truck needs to run quieter and run better.
  • Heating & Air Conditioning: No matter how far you’re driving, operator comfort is a key concern. We offer aftermarket truck HVAC parts to keep your cab comfortable for the long haul.
  • Lighting: Our aftermarket lighting components will help you see and be seen on the road. We’ve got LED bulbs, signal lights, and much more.
  • Safety: Meet CSA guidelines and stay safe whether you’re on or off the road with Betts aftermarket safety products. From fire extinguishers to conspicuity tape, we have it all.
  • Steering & Suspension: We offer a wide range of aftermarket steering parts and aftermarket suspension parts to combat the nonstop wear and tear these systems undergo every day.
  • Trailer: What’s a truck without a trailer? Betts offers a huge selection of aftermarket trailer parts for all makes and models.
  • Under Hood/In Cab: Betts has all the aftermarket under hood parts and aftermarket in-cab parts you need to keep your engine running at its best and your cab comfortable in all conditions.
  • Accessories: From mudflaps and fenders to reflective tape and mounting brackets, we offer the top quality aftermarket truck accessories your truck needs.


Aftermarket Parts from Top Manufacturers

In addition to offering our selection of proprietary parts and components, Betts Truck Parts & Service is also a dealer distributor for aftermarket truck parts from the industry’s biggest and best manufacturers. We stock top quality parts from:

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