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Custom U-Bolts for Trucks & Trailers: Manteca, CA

If you need new, custom U-bolts in Manteca, CA, look no further than Betts Truck Parts & Service. Our custom-built U-bolts will help you finish your truck’s or trailer’s suspension work safely and efficiently. These custom-bent U-bolts are built to your unique specifications.

Custom U-Bolts While You Wait

Using industry-standard grade 5 and 8 round rod, we produce custom U-bolts to match any size and application—simply specify the thread diameter, inside width, inside leg length, and type of bend you need. We’ll bend your custom round bar U-bolts while you wait!

Forge-top U-bolts are also available by special order.

Visit the Betts shop in Manteca, California, for the custom U-bolts your truck and/or trailer needs. Contact us to learn more.


Warning: Do not reuse old bolts. For safety and proper performance, always replace and recycle old U-bolts.



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