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Truck Suspension Service: Portland, OR

Betts Truck Parts & Service is the Portland area’s leading truck suspension service provider. Our suspension repair shop caters to both fleets and O/Os, and works with commercial trucks, medium duty trucks, and heavy duty trucks of all makes and models.

Request an appointment for truck suspension service in Portland, OR, or contact Betts for more information.


Betts’ Semi Truck Suspension Services

If your truck needs suspension service in Portland, forget the rest and experience the best with Betts. We offer complete, turnkey suspension service, including installation, repair, and replacement for all parts and components, including:

  • Air leaf bushings
  • Air springs
  • Custom U-bolts
  • Hangers
  • Leveling valves
  • Pintle hooks & hitches
  • Shackle hangers
  • Shock absorbers
  • Spring pins
  • Suspension hardware
  • Trailer hitches & fifth wheels
  • Torque arms
  • and more


Signs That Your Truck Needs Suspension Service

It’s easy to recognize if your truck’s breaks go out. If you blow a tire, you know it right away. But the suspension on your truck is different—you can easily drive for days or even weeks without knowing for sure that you need suspension service. Common clues that your truck’s suspension is not functioning at its best may include:

  • The truck sways or “rolls” when taking corners
  • The nose “dives” during breaking and/or bounces when stopped
  • The whole truck bounces or feels like it’s sliding when driving on winding or rough roads
  • Significant vibration can be felt through the steering wheel while driving

If any of the above applies to your semi truck, contact Betts for suspension service immediately.


Experience the Best with Betts

Request an appointment at Betts’ Portland truck suspension repair shop or any of our seven suspension service locations. Contact us to learn more.


4334 N.E. Columbia Blvd.
Portland, OR 97218

Phone: 503-289-8875
Toll-free: 800-378-8766
Fax: 503-289-3515

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