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Custom U-Bolts for Trucks & Trailers: Sacramento, CA

There’s no better or safer way to finish your truck’s or trailer’s suspension work than with new, custom U-bolts from Betts Truck Parts & Service in Sacramento. We custom-bend U-bolts to match your unique specifications.

Custom U-Bolts While You Wait

We produce custom U-bolts from industry-standard grade 5 and 8 round rod to match any size and application needs. Just specify the thread diameter, inside width, inside leg length, and type of bend you need, and Betts will bend your custom round bar U-bolts while you wait!

Forge-top U-bolts are also available by special order.

Visit the Betts service center in Sacramento, California, for the custom U-bolts you need, or contact us to learn more.


Warning: Do not reuse old bolts. For safety and proper performance, always replace and recycle old U-bolts. 


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