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Truck Suspension Services: Sacramento, CA

Betts Truck Parts & Service is the leading provider of truck suspension services in Sacramento, California, and the surrounding area. Our first-class suspension repair shop provides complete service, repairs, and maintenance for commercial trucks, medium duty trucks, and heavy duty trucks of all makes and models.

Request an appointment for truck suspension service in Sacramento, or contact Betts for more information.


Betts’ Semi Truck Suspension Services

Betts’ Sacramento suspension repair shop is your #1 resource for truck suspension service, covering every part and component of your suspension system. Our suspension services include installation, repair, and replacement for:

  • Air springs
  • Leveling valves
  • Shock absorbers
  • Spring pins
  • Custom U-bolts
  • Air leaf bushings
  • Hangers
  • Pintle hooks & hitches
  • Trailer hitches & fifth wheels
  • Torque arms
  • Shackle hangers
  • Suspension hardware
  • and more


Signs That Your Truck Needs Suspension Service

Not every maintenance issue with your semi truck is as easy to spot as a flat tire or a broken axle. In fact, it’s often possible for drivers to keep driving their trucks without knowing there are problems with the suspension—and not addressing these problems right away can lead to far more substantial issues down the road. Common signs that your truck needs suspension service include:

  • The truck sways or “rolls” on turns
  • The truck’s nose “dives” when breaking, and/or bounces when stopped
  • The entire truck bounces or feels like it’s sliding on rough or winding roads
  • You can feel the truck vibrating significantly through the steering wheel as you drive

If you’ve noticed one or more of these issues with your truck, contact Betts for suspension service and repair.


Experience the Best with Betts

Request an appointment at Betts’ Sacramento truck suspension repair shop or any of our seven suspension service locations. Contact us to learn more.


1121 Striker Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95834

Phone: 916-928-3818
Toll-free: 800-407-4089
Fax: 916-928-3816

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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